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What is Microsoft Defender for Office 365?

Email is something that all companies rely on to do business, It is used to communicate with colleagues, collaborators, and customers.

This makes email one of the most popular attack vectors that threat actors use to attack your system in an effort to access your organisation’s data.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 ATP) is Microsoft’s email security platform that can provide increased protection for your organisation from these email-based attacks.

Here are some of our favourite Microsoft Defender for Office 365 features:

Advanced email security

A robust filtering stack prevents a wide variety of volume-based and targeted attacks including business email compromise, credential phishing, ransomware, and advanced malware.

Industry-leading AI detects malicious and suspicious content and correlates attack patterns to identify campaigns designed to evade protection.

Everyone knows you shouldn’t click on a link from an unknown sender, right? But, sometimes mistakes happen, and without meaning to, you click on a link anyway.

Safe Links scans the URLs contained within emails and Office documents of every link you click in real-time. If it is found to be unsafe a warning will immediately alert you to the danger of the link.

Read more about Safe Links here: What are Safe Links?

Learn how to identify suspicious email here: How to check if a suspicious email is safe

Safe Attachments

Your email is already scanned by Office365 for known malware before it enters your inbox, but what about unknown malware? 

Defender for Office 365 uses a virtual environment to open and scan attachments in email messages before they’re delivered to recipients.

This ensures that attachments that are safe to open and won’t cause harm to your organisation.

  Read more about Safe attachments here: What are Safe Attachments?

Anti-Spoofing & Impersonation protection

This feature ensures that senders are who they claim to be and sources are where they claim to be from.

The email is checked to ensure the sender is who they say they are and that the email originated from that organisation’s email server.


Remember that confusing email you got from your boss asking you to send money ASAP? Or when “Microsoft” sent you an email asking for your password? 

These emails are a thing of the past with Defender for Office 365, industry-leading AI will scan and detect these phishing emails never reach your inbox

Updated on April 15, 2021

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