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Add notes, images, and files to Practice Evolve using SharePoint Online

Add notes, images & files to Practice Evolve using SharePoint Online

Adding notes, photos & files to Practice Evolve from any device, wherever you’re located, is now possible. Sentrian can set-up your SharePoint Online to automatically save files to Practice Evolve.

Here’s a brief guide to how it works day-to-day and why it can make life as a solicitor a little bit easier.

How it works

  1. You’re on a device without direct access to Practice Evolve (PE) but you want to add notes, a photo, or other files to PE.
  2. Instead of saving directly PE, save to a ‘followed’ folder in SharePoint Online.
  3. In the background, a pre-configured Sentrian script will run. It will download the file(s) from the SharePoint Online folder and save them to a PE folder. Once completed, it will automatically clean up and delete the file(s) from SharePoint online.

Requires Office 365 subscription

Why it is useful

It is particularly useful for work outside the office, e.g. at a client office or home. Notes, sketches, images and more can be added to Practice Evolve via SharePoint while at the location.

It’s a good example of a hybrid cloud solution that offers a practical, real-time benefit.

How to get started

Send a request to our team of engineers and we will get started. We will contact you once the feature is switched on.

We will work with you to finalise the settings for how the sync will work.

Updated on April 16, 2021

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