Click on Products menu item from the left menu bar to see all existing subscriptions in Tiles or List view (you can switch to view as per your wish).

Each tile will consist following details per subscription:

  • Subscription Name;
  • Total current cost for that subscription;
  • Quantity;
  • Unit Price;
  • Current Status: Active or Suspended;
  • Ordered Date: Date when subscription was purchase first time;
  • Renewal Date: Date of subscription renewal;
  • Tenant Name: Tenant that subscription purchased for;
  • Site/Department Name (If applicable);
  • New Commerce Experience Tag (If applicable).

Click on Manage on the tile to manage the subscription.

This will allow you to:

  • Update the license count for parent, add-on (if purchased), then click on Submit Changes to process it.
  • Notifications will show any notification triggered against this product.
  • NB – If the product/subscription is a “New Commerce Experience“, quantity/seats can be increased at any time. However, quantity/seats can only be decreased within 72 hours, to its previous or sum of previous quantity/seats.
Updated on September 8, 2022

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