Portal Users

Portal Users section provides information regarding customer users and allows the ability for customers to manage user access to the CSP Control Centre. User access to the portal is managed by their Role.

  • Clicking on Portal Users menu item from the left menu bar will show you details such as email address, the assigned role for the user;
  • Use the Edit Roles Icon to make any changes to existing permissions;
  • Clicking on X will remove the user access from portal;
  • Click on +Add User, provide necessary details like email address and desired role, click on Submit to finish the role assignment.

Available Roles:

  • Customer Reader – Who can only read the data available in customer portal.
  • Customer Admin Lite – Who have all permissions of Customer Admin, but they won’t be able to purchase new subscriptions (they will be able to update the quantities of existing subscriptions).
Updated on October 18, 2022

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