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Understand our terminology

You may hear our engineers use technical terms to explain our support services. This glossary can help explain those terms.

Request types


An incident occurs when something that worked properly before isn’t working properly now. This could be as simple as the font changing in Microsoft Word or as complicated as disks failing on a server.

Change Request

A Change Request is when you or your staff request that we add, modify or remove anything IT related. This could include installing a new workstation, installing new server software or upgrading line of business applications. Changes should normally go through an approval process.

Service Request

A Service Request is a special type of Change Request, where there is a known process to achieve a known outcome, that can normally bypass the approval process.

Alerts & Events

An event is a change on your network that triggers our monitoring systems to raise an alert that a threshold has been reached, something has changed or that a failure has occurred.

Response & Resolution times

Response time

The elapsed time from when the ticket is opened to the time we start to work on it.

Resolution time

The elapsed time from when the ticket is opened to the time the ticket is completed.

Ticket Priority

P1 - Priority 1 - Critical

The request affects all or most users. It interferes with core business functions and contains the risk of loss of mission-critical data.

P2 - Priority 2 - Major

A substantial number of users are affected. The issue interferes with important but non-core business functions or activities that do not affect the entire company.

P3 - Priority 3 - High

A limited number of users are affected. The issue interferes with standard applications and business functions but doesn’t limit or endanger the core business processes.

P4 - Priority 4 - Normal

One or a few users are affected. The issue interferes with standard, non-business critical applications and supporting business processes. Normal work can continue until resolution of the issue.

P5 - Priority 5 - No Urgency

No or a limited number of users are affected. Impact and urgency of the request indicates no bearing on the day to day activities of the business.

Updated on April 15, 2021

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