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Microsoft 365 Group Creation Restrictions FAQ

The long and short of it

In an effort to reduce clutter and increase security in your Microsoft 365 tenant, Sentrian now restricts the creation of groups and teams down to a select group of users.

To be allowed to create Teams/Groups, please contract Sentrian Support.

What does this restriction do?

  • New Teams/Groups will no longer be able to be created by any random user, only specified users in the designated security group will have permission.
  • Users can be added and removed from this group at any time upon request, there may be a 24hr delay in the roles changing on O365 (this is a Microsoft platform delay, we have no control over this).
  • Only specified users in the designated security group will be able to create new plans in Microsoft Planner (Plans are linked to group creation and we are unable to separate the permissions)
  • This does not affect any other functions or any previously created groups. Owners of groups still have full rights to make changes to those existing groups.
  • Approved users will be able to create a Group, but still be able to set a normal user to be a group owner, this user will be able to add and remote users as normal.

Why is this restricted?

  • Sentrian has found that users are creating redundant groups via Teams and Office 365 which can cause a large about of clutter and confusion.
  • Users don’t know which group to use when there are 2 other similarly named groups (e.g. Accounts, Accounts1, Accounts34).
  • This also becomes an issue when a legitimate business need for an email address or group name comes up but, the name is already taken as a group that has been created previously by a random user.
  • It is also a potential security threat for phishing or other malicious activities. Any user can currently create any group in Office 365 and name it anything – there is no way to restrict naming. Thus, for example, a brand new first-day hire could potentially create a ceo@domainname.com group (with an associated email address) and be able to receive mail on this address.

How can I be added to the list of approved users?

  • Please have your primary contact log a ticket so that you can be added.

Can my company allow all users to create groups?

  • These measures can easily be disabled if required, please have your primary contact submit a ticket.
  • Alternatively, Sentrian is able to deploy a self-service group creation portal to your company SharePoint. Please reach out to your CSM for more info as this is not covered by your agreement.

Updated on July 30, 2021
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