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Microsoft 2022 Subscription Changes FAQs

Microsoft are rolling out changes to their licensing model in the first half of 2022.

What are the changes to the Microsoft licensing model?

Microsoft are replacing the current monthly subscription with an annual commitment model. This requires all customers to commit to an annual subscription which is paid on a monthly basis. A monthly commitment option will also available but will come with a 20% premium.

In addition Microsoft are also introducing a rate increase from 1st of March. When Microsoft announced the increase they said it was the first substantive increase since Office 365 was released a decade ago and covers the many and varied improvements made to the service over that time.

What Microsoft services does this change relate to?

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

When will this change begin?

These changes will begin to roll out on 1st of March.

Do I need to do anything?

As a Sentrian One client, your agreement will be updated automatically to reflect both the rate change and the change to the annual commitment model, with monthly payments.

You will be contacted by email asking you to confirm the change to an annual commitment licensing model.

If you prefer the monthly commitment model with the higher rate, please contact you Client Services Manager.

Do I have to go with the annual commitment?

No, if you prefer the new monthly commitment plan please contact your Client Services Manager so we can provide you with details of the applicable rate increase. If you do not contact your Client Services Manager, your subscription will automatically change to the annual commitment model, with monthly payments.

Can I cancel my Microsoft 365 subscription anytime?

No, with the new model from Microsoft you are contracted to pay the monthly fee until the subscription annual renewal date. There is no ability to cancel the subscription early and stop the monthly fee. If you stop using your Microsoft subscription during the subscription period you are still required to pay out the remaining months in the current subscription period.

Can I still add and remove licences to Microsoft 365 subscription?

Additional licences can be added at any time and a pro-rata amount will be charged accordingly. Licences can only be removed when the subscription renews each year.

Will my Microsoft subscription renew automatically?

Yes, unless you request a change or cancellation, your subscription will renew automatically for a further year on the renewal date.

How can I cancel my Microsoft subscription?

To cancel or vary your Microsoft subscription you must contact your Client Services Manager or email requests@sentrian.com.au at least two weeks prior to the subscription expiry and request the cancellation or change.

Updated on February 21, 2022

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