Below you can find a description for the CSP Control Centre Icons:


  • Click on support to reach out to create a support ticket Sentrian.

Audit Logs:

  • Click on Audit Log to view the logs of all write operations in CSP Control.
  • Use the Down Arrow to expand the log and review the details of that transaction.


  • Click on the Notification Icon on the top of the page to view all notification emails sent.


  • Click on Shopping Cart Icon on top right corner to see offers in cart and Order Summary.
  • Order summary shows you following details:
    • Offer name;
    • Quantity: update the number and click on Apply (if you wish to update quantity);
    • Tenant name: By default, here you see the tenant name that offer is purchased for. Just in case multiple tenant are onboarded, you can select the tenant you wish to purchase subscription against with;
    • Total amount: Amount to be paid and discount (if applicable).
  • Click on Place order button if you are good to purchase offers available in shopping cart. In case, you missed something to add to cart then click on Continue Shopping to land on offer selection page.


  • Click on the User icon then:
    • Contact Us to contact Sentrian
    • Log Out to log out of the CSP Control Centre

Updated on September 8, 2022

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