How to add contacts

Adding ‘system wide’ contacts in 3CX

(A contact available to all staff)

  1. Click on the “Contacts” button, at the bottom menu to access the phonebook. There are four types of contacts in the 3CX Phonebook (contact list):
    1. Company Contacts: Contacts retrieved from the PBX.
    2. Personal Contacts: Contacts added by the user and can be seen only in the user’s softphone or physical handset.
  2. From the Quick Menu select “Add Contact”. On Android and iOS you can add contacts either by pressing the on the dial pad or from the “Contacts” screen by pressing the plus sign.
  3. In the new 3CX contact screen fill in the contact details.
  4. If you have the rights to create company contacts you can select the “Add to company phonebook” option. This option will save the contact to the Company Phonebook, allowing all users within the company to access it.
  5. Click on “OK” to save the contact.


Updated on April 15, 2021

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