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How To Action A Message Caught In Quarantine

How will I know when a message is in Quarantine?

You will receive an email similar to the one below, this email is sent once every 24 hours and may contain multiple entries.

Please note that it provides the option to Review, Release, and Block the sender directly from the email.

Review a message

1. You can access the message to review it either by clicking “Review Message” or by accessing your quarantine portal here: https://security.microsoft.com/quarantine

2. From this menu, you can see more information about the message and see why it was flagged

3. If you have received enough data from this menu to release or block the sender, proceed to the actioning steps below, otherwise continue to learn how to review the message safely

4. From this menu, you can now preview the message in the browser

5. If the message is looking a bit sparse, Select “Load external resources” to show any pictures that were embedded in the message

6. From here you can review the message as per our process here: How to check if a suspicious email is safe

Action an email in quarantine

Release an email from quarantine

Please see our guide here: How to release a message from quarantine

Report the message and block the sender

Please select the 3 dots and then select block sender

Updated on August 1, 2023

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