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How to get started with Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do can work with either an Office 365 account or a Microsoft account.
This guide is for using Microsoft To-Do with Office 365 (typical business use).

Download Microsoft To-Do for Windows

  1. Go to the Microsoft To-Do website (https://todo.microsoft.com/en-us).
  2. Microsoft To-Do is available as an app for your device(s) or via the web-browser. We recommend installing the app on your computer, and possibly your phone, to ensure you receive notifications.
  3. Choose the relevant icon for your device next to ‘Get the app.’ to download the appropriate app for your device. (This guide will download the Windows 10 app).
  4. The Microsoft Store app will open to the Microsoft To-Do page. Click the ‘Get’ button. Once completed, the ‘Get’ button will change to ‘Launch’.
  5. Click the ‘Launch’ button to open the Microsoft To-Do app. You can also choose to Pin to Start, to show the app in the Start Menu.
  6. Microsoft To-Do will open and ask you to sign in. Click sign in. If you’re on your work computer, it may already show your work Office 365 account, select this account and click continue.
    Otherwise click ‘Workplace or school account’ and click continue.
  7. Enter in your Office 365 login details (the same details used for your work Outlook email).Your account will login.
  8. Microsoft To-Do will then run a brief tutorial of the key features.

Key Features & Interface

The Microsoft To-Do app has three main areas.

Microsoft To-Do interface – click to enlarge
  1. Lists – Multiple lists can be created. These can be categorised however you decide.
  2. To-Do items – Otherwise known as tasks. These are your checklist items.
    Clicking the star icon adds the To-Do item to the Important list.
  3. To-Do item elements – Here the To-Do item can be divided up into more manageable steps and added to the My Day list. Further, reminders can be set, a due date and the To-Do item can be set to repeat at set intervals, e.g. every week.
    Finally, you can add any free text notes to the To-Do item.
Updated on April 15, 2021

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