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Exclaimer FAQ

What is Exclaimer?

Exclaimer is a platform that allows email signatures to be centrally managed for all users. It also allows for you full signature to be used everywhere, even when sending from a mobile device.

How does Exclaimer populate its data?

Exclaimer pulls data from your company’s Email system/Directory server to populate the signatures fields.
If any of the data in your signature is wrong, please contact Sentrian for assistance.

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When I send an email, I have 2 signatures, how do I fix this?

This is because your email client is attaching a signature different to what the Exclaimer server has been told to attach. Please check that you have the Exclaimer add-in installed and that it is running.

If sending from a mobile device, you may need to remove the signature from your device.
We have a guide for this here: Remove signatures from your mobile

How does Exclaimer deploy the signature?

Exclaimer has 2 ways of attaching the signature to your emails.

Outlook add-in (Locally attached)

The Outlook add-in allows you to see the signature in the email before you send it. It works by downloading a local copy of the signature to your Windows or Mac device. This local copy works the same as if you added your own signature to Outlook.

When you send an email the Exclaimer server will compare the signature to the one it has been told to deploy, if it matches your email will pass through without issue, if it doesn’t match, it will attach the signature it has been instructed to attach.

Attached on send (Cloud attached)

If you don’t have the Outlook add-in deployed, or if you’re sending via another method that can’t use the Outlook add-in(a mobile device or Outlook Web) your signature will still be attached when sending an email.

Unlike the outlook add-in, you wont see the signature while writing the email.

When you send an email, it will first pass through Exclaimer’s servers where the signature will be attached based on the sending address.

Updated on May 20, 2021
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